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Our strategies

The Way We Work

At DCEL Exams, we aim to reduce costs during our contract duration without compromising the quality of services through the following means

Venue Outsourcing

Through our well distributed network of supply chain personnel and wide spread partners, we would be moving into venues in metropolitan cities at competitive rates.

Collaboration with other players

We wish to be deeply engaged with other players / supply chain sub-contractors to work on getting competitive rates.

Team Management

We create & develop a robust network of personnel & teams to engage with work effectively. Continuous feedback mechanisms & quality checks help us identify the weak areas & devise strategies to save cost.

Training/ Refresher Training

We at DCEL Exams effectively train our staff to maximize our productivity, deliver best service, exceed the quality standards and work towards skill enhancement and optimization.

Project Management

We bring effectiveness in operations by deploying project management logistics to warehouses to ensure cost reduction. Achievable through adequate project planning and its implementation.