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Our areas of businesses

We provide customized end to end consulting, assessment solutions, event management & corporate accommodation services for the corporate sector & educational institutions.

Examination Services

  • We use the latest technology & security to deliver & manage testing programs of all sizes
  • We provide the best Test Taker experience for students, employees, partners or candidates
  • We use test delivery and proctoring solutions that meet our client unique market testing nee
  • Easy cost-effective exam delivery with efficient support
  • Secure administration of online / offline based assessments.
  • Our services include the full range of test administration that covers pre-test, test-day and post-test activities

Manpower & Logistics Support

  • We deliver some of the world's most secure exams with the help of our dedicated and skilled manpower.
  • We train and supply invigilators, test day supervisors, examiners, security and other support staff personnel
  • We arrange and customize the F&B services for the meetings and other events.
  • With the help of our courier partners, we provide 24×7 logistic services to our clients.
  • We provide Stationary, Branding, Exam/Meeting furniture and other Test-day equipment as per our client specifications.

Corporate Accommodation & Management Services

  • We arrange venues for corporate meetings, conferences and other customized events.
  • Event management by our dedicated, skilled professionals gives our clients a never before experience.
  • Our staff is fully trained with deep understanding of our client requirements in each segment & pursue it with precision from start to finish.
  • We have partnerships with hotel chains across India & we ensure a cost effective and tailored solution for our clients.

Services & Solutions

  • Dedicated support in all the preparatory and live session programs
  • Test center bookings for all CBT, IBT, Training, Pen and Paper tests.
  • End to End solutions for Corporates, Universities, Colleges & Other Private sector/ PSU's
  • Provide High End Servers, Computers, Laptops & other Hardware/ Software as per client requirements.
  • Handling Meetings, Conferences & Events with superior execution.
  • Provide customized solutions to all our clients based on a deep understanding of what they require.

Marketing & Promotion

  • We have a dedicated and hardworking marketing team with a successful track record of creatively marketing, evaluating & promoting assessments to the various target audiences.
  • We have an association with more than 100 course providers across India, with great networking of their own.